Source Pictures of Historical Harps

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Queen Mary Harp Queen Mary of Scots' own Clarsach (harp) made in Ireland over 500 years ago. Celtic Stone carving A Celtic stone of about 1000 years ago from Scotland.
medieval MS picture A picture from a medieval Bible, of about the year 1170, which shows King David tuning his harp while other musicians play in the smaller pictures.
Lots of interesting things are in this picture - the king is important so he's drawn bigger than the rest;
The harp he's playing isn't really what they thought harps were like in Bible times - it's what they were used to seeing nearly 1000 years ago, in their own time; Spot the other instruments, including a dulcimer or psaltery, and a hurdy gurdy. ( There are a lot more.)
Double strung harp This is what it might really have looked like in King David's time... this carving from Iraq is from about 4,000 years ago. That's four thousand years.
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