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2 concertinas Two Concertinas: English system underneath, Anglo system on top.

English Concertina English Concertina.

Anglo Concertina Anglo system Concertina. anglo, open The same, showing the bellows extended

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This is the whole of that Times advertisement. Notice that the English 48 key concertina is twice as expensive as the English made German style. 42s means 42 shillings, or two guineas, as opposed to 21 shillings, one guinea. One guinea was slightly more than one pound, which had 20 shillings. (And to think that people thought that going decimal made things difficult!)

Accordion Button accordion, or accordian, or accordeon, or melodeon, or melodian... people get very excited about how it should be spelled, and they don't always agree! All I know is, this one has the following printed onto it:

detail of sq-box
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