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Some Medieval & Tudor Sports

Why both Medieval & Tudor? Because many of the bits I find seem to apply to both!

... for example, The Sport of Kings
FALCONRY, a favourite of nobles and royalty through hundreds of years; they enjoyed the sport, and they enjoyed being seen to have the right gear! The point was that there were rules about who could have which sort of bird, be it hawk, falcon, or eagle, and being seen with a prestige bird on your wrist was just as important as being seen to wear the right clothes or carry the right mobile phone for some people nowadays.
To see more pictures, look at the site of Raphael Falconry: my friends Mike & Emma Raphael, who not only know a huge amount about their subject, but are inspiring performers with whom I enjoy the chance to work together from time to time. Click on their picture, then close the frame with the to right hand x when you're ready to come back to this site. Raphael pic

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