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Some Medieval Images

Carvings, windows, pictures, etc.

When Henry VIII's Reformation of the churches spread through England, and continued with his son Edward VI, many churches had their decorations wrecked, as being not in line with the new way of thinking.
Sometimes bits of these decorations were saved and re-used elsewhere. Shibden Hall, near Halifax, has some glass from churches in York, dating from 700 years ago.
I've been allowed to photograph some of these panes and show them here.
This one shows a bird, said to be an owl... I wonder about that... with a wheelbarrow. If you look carefully you can see it has a young bird in the barrow.
devil in glass And this one, everyone's favourite, shows the Devil, trotting off to hell with a soul under his arm. Medieval bad pun time. Soul, sole (type of fish)... get it? Groan!

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