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marwood carving The carving at Marwood Church. The whole picture
A smaller view of the whole thing.
Cut-out view of the piper by himself.
The rest of the bench-end shows an angel. The carving shows the story of the angels telling the shepherds at the time of Christ's birth to get down to Bethlehem and see the baby.
The piper stands for all the shepherds. There's only room for one angel and one shepherd on the piece of wood.
I'm very grateful to James Merryweather for letting me use his picture of the carving (The darker one.)
This bench end is unusual in that the two carvings belong to the same story - at first it was thought that there was a picture of an angel, and a picture of a piper... then someone realised that they belonged together.
Marwoods at York
The reconstruction set played at Clifford's Tower, York.
I don't claim to get the face right, but the pipes are pretty good. They sound wonderful, though I'm still getting to grips with playing two chanters at once.
Marwoods lying down While you can clearly see two chanters, you can also see they're a different colour from the rest. This is because they are still prototype chanters - for a while this was The Only Set In The World! - and when the final ones come they will be in matching wood.
Stained The just-might-possibly-be two chanter bagpipe/animal in the stained glass at Shibden Hall. (reproduced by permission)

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