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biniou & Bombarde at wedding
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Biniou and Bombarde together.

It's quite obvous from their faces that they're working hard. The style of playing is that the bagpipes keep on playing the whole time, and the bombarde plays every other few phrase, dropping in and out. This has two results - the music, which is very repetitive, even hypnotic, gets a lift when the bombarde comes in, and secondly, the musician playing it gets a chance to recover!
It's a pity that the church wall is so much the same colour - but you can just see that the biniou's chanter stops just by the player's little finger. Compare that with the length of the chanters in my page about the Marwood double pipes.
(Use Link to Marwoods pageTHIS link, to see, then click the "BACK" arrow on your screen to get back here.)
That's very short, hence very high pitched, hence enormously penetrating!

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